We depend on generous people like you because there is no federal, state or local funding.  Just like the animals need us, we need you to keep the doors open.


We are in serious need of new caging.  If you're handy, there are always cages in need of repair.  We depend on volunteers, because there is no government subsidy for the center.

SOME success stories

Birdie - This newly hatched mourning dove was only slightly bigger than a quarter.  It was nurtured  successfully and released.



Donating is more than just time or money, it's peace of mind. Now you can help even the smallest animal. 


Baby Opossums  – After their mommy was killed, these little guys were rescued from her pouch, raised, and released successfully.

     Our center takes in hundreds of wild animals a year for rehabilitation. We care for the sick, orphaned, displaced and injured wildlife of all species, with a focus on the rabies vector species of Pennsylvania.  

     We provide medical attention, vet care if needed, caging and species specific diet.  Each animal is fed a specialized diet  that meets the requirements for proper development and growth. The formulas cost hundreds of dollars for each species, and thousands of dollars every year. 

Hops – After a lawn mower accidentally ran over their nest, this baby bunny and his brother were successfully treated and returned to the wild.